One Secret To Successful Time Management.

One secret to successful time management.

Dentists do it, Doctors do it,

other health professionals do it, and yet almost no one in the corporate or self employment arena do it.

So what is this thing that the heath professionals do that most others do not?

They schedule time for emergencies…. Every day each one of these professionals starts out each day with time blocked out for emergencies such as a patient needing immediate attention.

Your business may not be life saving, nor dealing with people in pain, however, one thing is for sure.  You will have interruptions each and every day.

Check it out.

When was the last time you had a day go by with no interruptions or unscheduled side tracks .  A day when you got everything done without having to deal with being side tracked by others, or even by yourself.

Tell the truth – most of us get side tracked when looking at our email …. Next thing you know you are in Facebook or You Tube checking out something which has nothing to do with your business and quite frankly should be something you are looking at “after hours”, in your free/spare time, and not when you are meant to be working.  Even if you are the boss, your self employed –  Especially then. Just because you have no one to answer to does not mean you give yourself permission to get  side tracked.  That’s called not working. No work no pay!  More to be done later, no solution and definitely no satisfaction or success.

So, how do you deal with all the inevitable interruptions that get in the way of what you had planned for today?


“What”  I hear you say, what do you mean.

Exactly what I said.  You actually schedule the time in your calendar everyday for dealing with interruptions.

“How do I know when I am going to be interrupted” I hear you ask.

You don’t.  However if you allow some time each day that you do not book ANYTHING into, when the inevitable interruptions come your way – you can juggle everything knowing you have put time aside.

This revelation is one of the many things that get addressed and dealt with in the Time Ownership Workshop.

A workshop designed to give you practical tools for dealing with the fast pace we are expected to operate at if we are to be successful in todays world.  A workshop that once implemented will leave your competitors wondering what YOUR secret is.

Written by Michelle Cullen
Executive Listening


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