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Our Concierge team are here to serve, tell us what you are looking for, and let us take care of the hassle.
New Car, Local Builder, Website Designer, New Boat, Accountant, Dentists, Renovations, Removals, Mechanics, and many more…


I Need A New Car

Looking for a new car for the home or business but don’t have time to connect to the best deal? Your local Concierge will find the best providers with the car options you seek!

What are people using Breakawave for?

Trustworthy and Professional Local Builders

Find it timely & problematic finding a qualified & trustworthy builder who fits what you’re looking for? Your Concierge will find the best referred builders to provide the most reliable option!

What are people using Breakawave for?

My Business Needs a Website

Started a business or your current website is in need of a serious makeover? Let your Concierge connect you to the best deal & provider to meet your specifications & budget!

What are people using Breakawave for?
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When you need MUSIC

Updates on the talent we can bring to your next event, and details on our team at Bluesfest.


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Your complimentary Personal Concierge

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Access your Personal Concierge to help you find the right goods and services.

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